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Hiland Dairy: Chandler, Oklahoma

This plant primarily serves Northern Oklahoma. Oklahoma has two Hiland Dairy processing plants, one in Chandler and another in Norman. This page is dedicated to Hiland Dairy in Chandler, Oklahoma.

Hiland Dairy Chandler has been recognized for Sustainability Excellence in Manufacturing by ProFood World Magazine. Hiland’s Chandler plant is unique. It has a wastewater recycling facility on-site, where 270,000 gallons of water is treated from the facility daily. In addition, there are 620 acres of land surrounding the plant facility where more than 18,000 pounds of tea grounds from brewing Red Diamond Tea are applied for soil enhancement. Hiland has used these two resources to maintain a longstanding closed-loop sustainability program. Read more here.

More than 4.3 million gallons of milk are produced at the Chandler facility monthly. Built in 1988 as Farm Fresh Dairy, Hiland purchased the state-of-the-art facility in 2001.

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Distribution Locations

Ponca City

Supporting Our Community

We provide chocolate milk at the finish line for the Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon, the Redbud Classic, and the Redman Triathlon. We share the importance of dairy’s role in nutrition and discuss our sustainability efforts and their impact on our municipality with area business leaders and school children.

Our Commitment to Social Responsibility

We take pride in our sustainability initiative that began in 1994 as a wastewater solution to the strain on the municipal sewer system. The project included purchasing 620 acres of wasteland, unusable land with abandoned oil wells and dead trees, revitalizing the land and soil, recycling water, and planting crops. It is an ongoing project that continues to find new ways to recycle and reuse. Read more here.

What Makes Us Proud

We believe in our mission statement; our PEOPLE are our most valuable asset. Hiland Dairy is the largest employer in Chandler, Oklahoma, and is a proud community partner. We hold the annual Ice Cream Festival and provide meeting space for the city council.


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