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Hiland Dairy's Social Responsibility

Hiland Dairy is proud to provide our consumers with healthy, affordable dairy products. We pledge to be responsible in all phases of our production and delivery processes, thus affirming our commitment to social responsibility.

Gary Aggus, Hiland Dairy CEO

Hiland Dairy is proud to provide affordable dairy products that support our consumers’ health and nutritional needs. As a member of the U.S. dairy community, our goal is to provide confidence that our products are produced in socially responsible ways. Along with our fellow cooperatives and processors, we pledge to demonstrate positive impacts in environmental sustainability, animal welfare, community contributions, and food safety. Hiland Dairy also supports the industry-wide Environmental Stewardship Goals to achieve carbon neutrality or, better collectively, optimize water usage and improve water quality by 2050.


Hiland Dairy's focus on reducing, reusing, and recycling at every stage of the production and distribution process resulted in a six times more significant increase than reported in 2019!

2020 Hours Volunteered and Product Donations

Hours Volunteered
223,200 Hours

Product Donations
226,961 lbs

Direct Monetary Donations
121,500 USD ($)

2020 Waste Diverted

Waste Diverted from Landfill
90,768,365 lbs

Waste Sent to Landfill
18,656,214 lbs

It starts with a simple step and before you know it, all of your efforts to reduce waste and environmental impact really add up.

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