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What It Means to Partner With Hiland Dairy Foods Company

When you choose to partner with Hiland, you’re choosing to do business with the hundreds of local farmer-owners who supply Hiland’s fresh, wholesome milk. You’re partnering with the thousands of Hiland Dairy employees who produce our delicious products. And you’re choosing farm-fresh dairy products made locally with wholesome Hiland Dairy Milk.

Going Above and Beyond for Our Partners and Customers

Hiland Dairy continually strives to provide high-quality products that our customers desire at a competitive price. We accomplish these goals by:

  • Striving to be better than we have to be. Hiland Dairy sets high standards for performance and quality control, and we are committed to meeting or exceeding those marks. We never settle for less than the very best we can offer.
  • Doing what is right. We treat our greatest asset, our people, with dignity and respect. We endeavor to attract and retain first-rate employees by providing competitive compensation packages and ongoing training and skills advancement.

Hiland Dairy is also involved in several industry organizations, as well as regional and local dairy associations. One of these organizations is Quality Chekd Dairies Inc., a member-owned organization of 26 independent dairy processors. As a Quality Chekd member, Hiland Dairy and its products are held to a higher standard, and our production facilities continually win awards for quality and cleanliness.

The Dairy Department Delivers 20% of Store Profit from Only 3% of Store Space.

Willard Bishop 2015 Grocery SuperStudy™

Beyond the Shelf

Learn how Hiland Dairy connects with consumers to increase sales at your stores.

Email Series

Consumers can sign up for Hiland's email series to receive four or five weekly emails with healthy, helpful tips, recipes and coupons for Hiland products featured in the recipes.

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Social Media

Hiland uses Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest to connect with consumers and promote dairy foods through blog posts, photography and other original content.

The Hiland Blog

Hiland's blog features recipes, crafts and tips for healthy eating, which helps us connect with and engage our consumers, as well as talk about the foods we love most.

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Dairy Case Dynamics

In recent years, the dairy case has seen a proliferation of new products competing with milk for space, while shopper behavior and the retail landscape have changed. Learn about key growth opportunities, best practices and insights that can help increase dairy sales and drive profit.

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About Hiland Dairy

For nearly 80 years, Hiland Dairy has been producing the delicious dairy foods you know and love with milk supplied by our local farmers-owners. Find out more about Hiland’s history, mission and culture.

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Hiland Sustainability Efforts

Hiland always reduces, reuses and recycles at every opportunity because we are dedicated to producing, processing and delivering dairy products in a manner that improves the state of our land and the lives of our employees, animals, communities, retail partners and consumers.

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