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What Will Your Random Act of Kindness Be Today?

There is no limit on ways to perform random acts of kindness…

Today marks National Random Acts of Kindness Day. This day grows in popularity each year and is celebrated by individuals, groups and organizations alike to encourage acts of kindness. Here at The Hiland Home, we take this holiday pretty seriously. After all, it’s not only special for the receiver, it also feels good as the doer—making it a real win-win for everybody!

Here is one easy idea to help you spread the love.

With about 1 in 7 Americans facing hunger every day (including more than 12 million families), we’ve partnered with Feeding America to create the first-ever national program—The Great American Milk Drive—to help deliver highly desired and nutrient-rich gallons of milk to hungry families who need it most. And the best part? All it takes is a simple click of the mouse to make a small donation that will benefit hungry families in your community, filling their hearts with hope and powering up their bodies with the nine essential nutrients they need!

Help spread the word!

We urge you to share this post—or The Great American Milk Drive page—to help spread the word that milk can help put a dent in hunger for American families, making this a random act of kindness that you can not only do today, but any day.

Thank you for signing up!