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We Love Our Cows

It’s Cow Appreciation Day!

Cows come first on our dairy farms, and for good reason. When our farmers give the best care to their cows, the animals stay healthy and provide delicious, wholesome Hiland Dairy Milk that is pure and fresh.

Animal care is critical.

From temperature-controlled barns to showers and fans, there are many ways our dairy farmers make sure their cows are comfortable. To make sure that their cows are healthy as can be, our farmers go to great lengths by providing nutritious feed, safe housing and individual care to their animals throughout their lives. Some cows need antibiotics when sick, but the milk from those cows is not allowed to enter our milk supply until the antibiotics have cleared their system. In fact, any milk that tests positive for antibiotics is immediately discarded. While our farmers take care of all animals on their dairy, calves get special treatment – and it’s not only because they’re cute! They represent the future on the farm, so farmers make sure they get they get a healthy start.

How much do you know about dairy cows?

You may know that there are six common types of cows, but what else do you know? Take the Dairy Good quiz to find out. If you have any dairy cow fun facts of your own, leave a comment below!

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