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Treat Your Family to Hiland Summer Flavored Milks!

Here at the Hiland Home, we don’t believe you need a holiday to celebrate a season.

You know Hiland offers seasonal products to coincide with some of the most festive times of the year: Easter, Christmas and Halloween, but we were feeling one of the most beloved times of the year wasn’t getting the attention it deserved. That’s why Hiland is proud to introduce new summer seasonal products!

But just like summer, these flavors will be gone far too soon…

That means it’s time to head to your nearest supermarket or grocer to stock up before the light and refreshing Vanilla Chai Milk, luxuriously smooth Chocolate Truffle Milk and the unexpectedly delicious Sea Salt Caramel Milk disappear with the season. All flavors are available from now through July.

  • Tip: Remember you can submit a Shopper Request Form if you don’t see these delicious Hiland Dairy products on your grocer’s shelves!
  • Tip: You can print an online coupon for 40¢ off any Summer Flavored Milk…this coupon is available now through August 31, 2015.

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