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Snack-O-Rama for the Big Game!

Sunday is going to be about football, funny commercials and the best part of all…snacks! It’s a great time to infuse some of your standard football buffet items with some healthier options. With these successful alternatives, your guests won’t even know they’re eating healthy. Its a win-win!

Deflate Great

Spoon Hiland Dairy Cottage Cheese in a bowl and sprinkle raisins on top. The raisins look like deflated footballs. Come on! Who doesn’t want to have a little fun?

Dip In

Hiland Dairy has several fresh-flavored dips including Chipotle Fiesta, Jalapeño Fiesta, Southwest Ranch, French Onion and Veggie Ranch. Just add bread chunks, chips or veggies to your spread!

Cream de la Cream

What’s a football smorgasbord without sour cream? Be sure to serve the best – Hiland Dairy All Natural Sour Cream (it’s 100% all-natural sour cream, with no additives!). Add a spoonful (or two) on top of chili or mix a cup with a splash of hot sauce and serve your kicked up sour cream with quesadillas.

Diva’s Tip

Be mindful of milk. The kids will get thirsty, too. So instead of sodas or flavored waters, fill their cups with Hiland Dairy Chocolate Milk to help get them the nine essential nutrients they need (including protein!). What’s more? For a limited time, you can find Hiland Dairy Fudge Brownie Milk in stores…SCORE!

The Dairy Diva

~The Dairy Diva


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