Picnic In The Park – Hiland Dairy

Picnic In The Park

Today, we celebrate International Picnic Day!

Pack up your picnic basket, grab the family and head to your favorite outdoor spot. My family loves to picnic, so I snapped few photos from our last outing to share with you!


Before we jump into the car, I always make sure to pack the essentials.

  1. Stay Hydrated – Always pack enough water, Hiland Dairy Milk or other refreshments.
  2. Protect Your Skin – Sunscreen is a must, and so is applying it every two hours!
  3. Bag O’Fun – Don’t forget to pack games like a beach ball, a flying disc, classic yard games or even water balloons!
  4. Be A Foodie – Enjoy some picnic favorites like hot dogs, chips and Hiland Dairy Dip (and don’t forget the Hiland Dairy Ice Cream)!

Diva’s Tip

Don’t let the melt get you down! I mentioned in a previous post how you can make a mobile mini fridge out of repurposed Hiland Dairy containers. Check it out: Holiday Road Trip Hacks from The Dairy Diva. And don’t forget to sign up for a $1 off coupon at HilandIceCream.com before you head to the grocery store.

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