National Corn Chip Day Is Jan. 29! – Hiland Dairy

National Corn Chip Day Is Jan. 29!

Why Not Celebrate?

Some would argue that there’s no more satisfying a sensation than the consumption of a fresh corn chip loaded with just the right amount of dip. In fact, as Americans, we practically have chips and dip in our DNA. They were served to the Continental Congress as they hashed out our Declaration of Independence (or was it in-DIP-endence?). President Lincoln famously snacked on corn chips and French onion dip while writing the Gettysburg Address. And Neil Armstrong uttered those immortal words, “That’s one small chip for man, one giant bowl for mankind,” upon setting foot on the lunar surface. OK, so maybe none of those is true, but they do make history more interesting, don’t they?

Don’t Forget the Dip.

Of course, if you’re serving chips, you need the appropriate dips — and Hiland Dairy has you covered. If you’re feeling classic, you could go with Veggie Ranch. Up the spice factor with Southwest Ranch or Jalapeño or Chipotle Fiesta Dip. You can even go the continental route with regular or light French Onion Dip.

Whichever dip you choose, you’ll know it’s made from pure, fresh Hiland Dairy Milk with NO artificial growth hormones. When you’re celebrating National Corn Chip Day, nothing less would do.

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