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Make Lunch Count With Hiland Dairy Milk

These Tips Will Give You an A+ in Packing School Lunches

Hiland Dairy Milk is a great source of protein, is rich in calcium and provides a fortified source of vitamin D. Put these healthy benefits to work by packing Hiland Dairy Milk in your kids’ school lunches to help fuel them for afternoon activities. Here are some tips for how to pack a powerful (and healthy) school lunch:

  • Add an ice pack to the lunch tote and place the Hiland Dairy Milk between the cold pack and the other foods for added insulation.
  • The protein in Hiland Dairy Milk is a powerhouse nutrient for your kids’ minds and bodies. Protein makes them feel satisfied longer, which helps stave off tummy grumbles and assists in maintaining muscle and bone health.
  • Hiland Dairy Milk comes in several different flavors, including white, chocolate and strawberry. Pack a different flavor every day! And, be sure to watch for our seasonal milk flavors, which have the same nutrients. Visit Hiland Dairy’s website for more product information.

Diva’s Tip

Reach out to other moms and encourage them to pack their children’s lunches. The kids will have fun chatting about the goodies that were packed for them … especially fresh, wholesome Hiland Dairy Milk!

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