Magically Delicious Fruit Platter – Hiland Dairy

Magically Delicious Fruit Platter

Serve this festive fruit platter at your St. Patty’s Day shindig this year, and your guests will definitely feel lucky! My favorite part is the clouds of fresh, creamy Hiland Dairy Yogurt used as the fruit dip.

Rainbow Fruit Platter

Rainbow Fruit Platter


Rainbow Fruit Platter Ingredients


Arrange the fruit on a flat platter in a rainbow pattern, starting with purple at the bottom and ending with the red fruit on the top.

Rainbow Fruit Platter Step 1

Carefully spoon dollops of yogurt at the ends of your rainbow, forming puffy clouds.

Rainbow Fruit Platter Step 2

Serve with skewers. It’s that simple!

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Diva’s Tip

You can easily make this a rainbow veggie platter instead, making the clouds by using your favorite Hiland Dairy Dip.

The Dairy Diva

~The Dairy Diva

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