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Lifehack: Gardening With Milk Jugs

Here at The Hiland Home, we know the importance of recycling. However, teaching your child the importance of being environmentally friendly is easier said than done. That’s why we’ve come up with these ideas on how you can repurpose your Hiland Dairy Milk jugs into something fun and sustainable for the kids to use!

What you’ll need:

  • Hiland Dairy Milk Jugs
  • Utility Knife/Craft Knife/Scissors
  • Potting Soil/Seeds
  • Hammer and Nail

Seed Starter

Seed Starter

Simply cut the milk jug in half and keep the lower half. After that, fill the jug with the potting soil of your choice. Next, let your kids pick the type of small plant seed they want to grow and help them plant it in the potting soil (we planted an herb garden). Finally, place it on a well-lit windowsill and water as needed. Not only does this teach kids responsibility because of the care they’ll have to show the plant, but it will also show them how much fun growing their own food can be!

Watering Can

Watering Can

You’ll need something to take care of those newly planted seeds and this one is the easiest of them all! To make a watering can, use a hammer and nail to make several small holes (8-10 should do the trick) on the lid of the milk jug. After that, simply fill the jug, screw the lid on tight and send your little gardener off to take care of the plants.

Ideas of Your Own?

We’d love to hear if you have your own clever ways for repurposing Hiland Dairy Milk jugs. Tell us in with a comment below (and upload a picture of your project if you have one!).

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