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Let the Games Begin

How to Watch the Olympics, Family-Style

From the opening ceremonies through the closing ceremonies, my family loves the Olympics. So, we started a tradition this year to help celebrate the big night and build excitement around the 42 Olympic sporting disciplines. Here’s how:

Build a Sports-Themed Buffet

We brainstormed as a family to come up with some pretty clever ideas for our feast. Our sports-themed buffet included:

Dive-Right-In Dips – A variety of Hiland Dairy Dips accompanied with chips and veggies (check your local Sunday newspaper inserts for Hiland Dairy coupons)

Medal-Winning Wings – Sauced-up chicken wings served with ranch and blue cheese dressings

Game-Changing Shakes – Hiland Dairy Ice Cream blended in Hiland Dairy Milk and topped with crushed candy bars and whipped topping

Special Seating for Favorite Events

We made a list of each family member’s favorite Olympic event. As we watch the Olympics over the next few weeks, the comfy recliner in our living room (that also happens to be directly in front of the TV) is saved for the person whose favorite event is airing at the time. That way, we all get to see our favorites with the best view in the room.

Hubby – Basketball

Michael – Soccer

Mia – Gymnastics

Chloe –  Equestrian

Me – Synchronized swimming

Carry the Torch Throughout the Olympics

We started the opening ceremonies by lighting a candle in honor of the Olympic Torch. Every night we sit down to watch the games, we light the candle and take turns blowing it out before bedtime.

Diva’s Tip

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