Happy Independence Day! – Hiland Dairy

Happy Independence Day!

A DIY Craft That Will Show Off Your Patriotism

Whether you plan on gathering friends for a party or just hanging out with the family, decorate your lawn with this festive DIY Fourth of July craft that will have people cheering for the red, white and blue! Let’s get crafting.

What you’ll need


  • 3 Hiland Dairy Milk cartons, half-gallon size
  • Red spray paint
  • Blue spray paint
  • White spray paint
  • 8 wooden skewer sticks
  • Glue gun and extra glue sticks
  • Scissors
  • Electric tape
  • Large white plastic star stickers or gems

A few steps to the perfect patriotic craft

  • Using warm soapy water, clean the milk cartons. Towel-dry completely.
  • Cut the top and bottom off each carton, and then cut the sides into four identical rectangles.flag-craft-step-1
  • Paint each rectangle red, white or blue to make two blue rectangles, five red rectangles and five white rectangles. Let dry completely.
  • Glue a wooden skewer to the back of each flag,
  • approximately one inch from the shorter edge.
    Tip: Be sure to face all the flags in the same direction.
  • Wrap the excess flap around the skewer and tape it down securely.
  • Adhere the stars only on the blue flags.
  • Stick the flags in your yard to design the American flag. Happy Fourth, Hiland Dairy fans!

Diva’s Tip

Acrylic paint works just as well if you don’t have spray paint on hand.

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