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Fun Kids Recipe: Frozen Yogurt Medley!

When your kids get home from school, what’s the first thing they do? If you’re like most families, they head to the kitchen to start snacking. Instead of candy bars and cookies, wouldn’t it be great if they’d eat something a bit healthier? Sure…but how do you get a kid to eat healthy snacks? The answer is, make them fun! And here’s a recipe that’s both fun and easy to make. It’s a fruity, delicious frozen yogurt medley!

Frozen Yogurt Medley

Frozen Yogurt Medley Recipe



Cover a large baking sheet with aluminum foil. Tip: You’ll need to be able to fit this in the freezer, so if you don’t have enough room, use a smaller sheet or other flat-bottomed container. Using a tablespoon, scoop out yogurt onto the foil-covered baking sheet, leaving about 1/2 inch of room between the dollops. Tip: Feel free to mix and match yogurt flavors. Once the sheet is full, place it in your freezer until the yogurt has hardened. 

Frozen Yogurt Medley 1

While the yogurt is chilling, cut up whatever fresh fruit you like into bite-sized pieces and place them into a small resealable freezer bags so that each bag contains a variety of fruit pieces. Tip: For extra fun, have your kids come up with names for their own special mixes and write them on the bags with a waterproof marker).

When the yogurt is frozen through, carefully remove the yogurt pieces from the sheet pan, taking care not to remove the foil with them. Quickly place the yogurt pieces into the freezer bags so that you have a nice combination of fruit and yogurt pieces and place the bags into your freezer for storage.

Frozen Yogurt Medley 2

Now when your kids are hungry for snacks, they’ve got a cool and delicious frozen treat waiting for them in the freezer. They can be eaten right out of the bag…or you can even put them into a blender with a splash or two of Hiland Dairy Milk and make an awesomely delicious (and unbelievably healthy) smoothie!

Try it today!

After you try this with your family, we’d love to hear how it went or if you have any tips or suggestions of your own…just leave a comment below!

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