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Festive DIY Dessert Stand

Whether you’re throwing a party for the Fourth of July, a birthday, Easter, or hosting Thanksgiving Day, these delightful dessert stands are easy to modify for any party theme. All you have to do is simply swap out the gift wrap. These festive dessert stands will add a whole of fun to any party table and make your buffet stand out! Grab your empty Hiland Dairy Milk cartons, a few art supplies, and let’s get crafting!



  • Hiland Dairy Milk carton
  • Holiday-themed gift wrap
  • Ribbon
  • Scissors
  • Block dry foam
  • Tape
  • Knife
  • Glue gun, optional


Wash the milk carton with warm, soapy water. Let dry completely.

Cut the top off the milk carton.


Cut the foam rectangle the exact size of the carton. Carefully push the foam inside the carton. Wipe off any excess foam particles on the carton.


Wrap the carton with gift wrap like you would a birthday present.


Tie or tape ribbon around the middle of the wrapped milk carton and add any embellishments to the front. Tip: You may use the glue gun to securely adhere any craft embellishment.


Using a sharp knife, poke holes on the top making sure there is enough space between each one for the desserts. Insert one dessert on a stick into each hole.



Diva’s Tip:

I used Hiland Dairy’s Seasonal Milk cartons but the half-gallon or quart-sized cartons will work just as well.

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