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Father’s Day: Words Of The Wise

Ahhh…the paternal bond of fatherhood!

Today is the day of placing your dear old man on a pedestal to thank him for all  things dad! I asked some dads what types of qualities they would want to see in their sons when they become fathers, and here’s what they had to say:

“Enjoy your kids while you can because time takes ‘no time’ at all!” ~Jeff

“Have empathy toward your children’s feelings.” ~John

“Be the change you want to see happen.” ~Kenny

“Invest in your kids on every level. You only have one chance!” ~John

Diva’s Tip

Let’s not forget that breakfast in bed (complete with a big glass of cold Hiland Dairy Milk), a tie or a round of golf are also good ideas for Dad on his special day!

The Dairy Diva

~The Dairy Diva

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