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Easy DIY Pot of Gold for St. Patrick’s Day

A Treasure for Your Lil’ Leprechauns

There’s nothing quite like finding hidden treasure, especially on St. Patrick’s Day. Craft this cauldron using a repurposed Hiland Dairy Milk jug, fill it with golden candy and hide it before your kiddos wake up on St. Patrick’s Day morning. When they get to the kitchen for breakfast, surprise them with a treasure hunt in search of a pot of gold.

DIY Pot of Gold

DIY Pot of Gold

What You’ll Need:

DIY Pot of Gold Supplies

  • Empty Hiland Dairy Milk jug
  • Scissors
  • Black spray paint
  • Golden coin candy
  • Hot glue gun
  • Glue sticks


  • Rinse the milk jug with warm, soapy water and remove the label. Allow to dry completely.
  • Using scissors, cut off the top portion of the milk jug starting just below the handle.
  • Cut a 1/2-inch wide strip, approximately 12 inches in length, out of the top portion of the jug.

DIY Pot of Gold Step 1

  • In a well-ventilated area, spray-paint the milk jug “bowl” and the plastic strip that will become the handle on both the inside and outside. Allow to dry completely.

DIY Pot of Gold Step 2

  • Glue the handle strip on opposite sides of the pot.
  • Fill with gold candy coins.

Diva’s Tip

You can create this pot of gold by using a gallon jug, half-gallon jug or quart jug. Just choose the size that works best for you!

The Dairy Diva

~The Dairy Diva

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