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Dairy: the Protein Powerhouse

These days we’re hearing a lot about the importance of protein in our diet.

But just what is protein anyway?

Well, in addition to providing your body with energy, proteins are one of the primary building blocks of body tissue and are contained in every cell in the human body. Proteins are composed of amino acids, nine of which are essential to life and cannot be created in our bodies. And since we can’t simply make our own, it means that these critically important amino acids must be obtained through proteins found in diet. In other words, your body needs protein in order to live.

So now that we’ve established the importance of protein, where can you find it?

We all know that you can get protein from eating meat. But we also know that it’s not very healthy to consume it in large quantities. But there is another source of protein that’s not only healthy but also delicious, readily available and relatively inexpensive.

We’re talking of course about dairy products. And we’re not just talking about milk either (although milk is an important source of protein and other essential nutrients). Protein-rich dairy products include yogurts, cottage cheese, smoothies and flavored milks – all of which can be found in your local grocery store bearing the trusted Hiland Dairy label. And when you buy dairy products from Hiland Dairy, you can be sure that they’re fresh and local and contain NO artificial growth hormones.

Closing the protein gap.

So whether you’re trying to build up the muscle and bones of a growing kid or simply trying to keep your own body in tip-top shape, Hiland Dairy products offer a broad range of options to get your body the building blocks it needs and close the protein gap!

-Image courtesy of Midwest Dairy.


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