Chilly? No, Chili! – Hiland Dairy

Chilly? No, Chili!

What’s that in the air today? The tight grip of a chilly winter wind?

No, it’s the smell of chili … today is National Chili Day!

Our Greatest Culinary Achievement?

One great thing about chili (besides the fact that it exists in the first place) is that it can be just about anything you want. From classic beef ‘n bean, to 5-Alarm, to vegetarian, to chicken chili…if you can dream it, chili can do it.

The Perfect Winter-Fighting Food

If you’re like us, you may have never appreciated a good chili more than this cold, snowy, long winter. It has been a near staple here at the Hiland Home kitchen, perfect for dinner and even better as leftovers. So when you make it, be sure to make extra for later. You can freeze it in smaller servings and warm it up on low power in the microwave (not too high!) or on the stove top.

Tip: Don’t over stir when reheating or the beans and other ingredients may get mushy!

But here at the Hiland Home we love chili most of all because it is the perfect—and we do mean perfect—medium for Hiland’s shredded cheddar cheese and sour cream. So remember to keep some of both on hand. Your taste buds will thank you!

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