Celebrate Cheese Lovers Day Jan. 20 – Hiland Dairy

Celebrate Cheese Lovers Day Jan. 20

You Heard That Right…

Cheddar. Jack. Mozzarella. You name it — if it’s cheesy, we’re going to be loving it this Friday. And why not? Cheese is wonderful. It’s been around for thousands of years — evidence of cheese production as far back as 6,500 years ago has been found in what is now Poland. Cheese is tangy, tasty and chock-full of protein, calcium and other important nutrients. Heck, it’s practically its own food group.

So, How Will You Celebrate Cheese Lovers Day?

How about a homemade pizza smothered in mozzarella? Or maybe a classic grilled cheese sandwich, dripping with melted cheddar or Monterey jack? Whatever you choose, you know it’ll be delicious if it’s flavored with cheese. If you need some other ideas, check out these awesomely cheesy recipes from Hiland Dairy. You could even take some pictures (say, “cheese!”) and tweet them to us using #HilandCheese.

Of course, as far as we’re concerned, every day is Cheese Lovers Day. But we’ll use any excuse to celebrate this deliciously creamy food.

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