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Big Game Party Appetizer Board

The big game is an appetizer’s goal in life. The finger foods, snacks, dips, sweet and salty, melty are all ready to go for their big day. I love a big game party because it’s mostly about the food…okay, fine, the football too. And the commercials, you can’t forget the commercials. But we all know it wouldn’t be a success without some game day food.

I have fallen in love with the big food board trend happening. The original charcuterie board is a classic, but a board filled with your favorite game day foods is an amazing sight to see. An appetizer board isn’t hard to put all together. The hardest part is choosing which appetizers you want to include and how big of a board you need. I am partnering with Hiland Dairy to show off my appetizer board for the big game! Filled with wings, wraps, meatballs, and of course, my favorite Hiland Dairy Dips. Grab your chips and let’s get building!

Why a Big Game Party Appetizer Board?

A board of all your favorite appetizers is a great way to serve your guests. It’s fun, easy, plus you can place it on the coffee table right in front of the tv and no one has to miss a moment of football. (or commercials)

What Should I include on my Appetizer Board?

Anything you want! I make a list of my favorite appetizers, dips, or snacks I love to have at parties and are always big hits with my friends. From there, I always try to have a variety of foods. I like to include some finger foods and a few Hiland dips with chips/veggie/pretzels. Hiland Dips are my favorite because they are delicious, but there are a variety of flavors and options so everyone will be happy. Maybe a few things that need toothpicks to eat and then some spicy stuff, bbq stuff, and of course cheesy stuff.

The main goal is to have a variety of options. No major rules, go with what you like.

Tips for setting up the perfect Appetizer Board

  1. Start with tiny bowls: Place your dips or dipping sauces into small bowls. Place those on the board first.
  2. Add chips/pretzels/veggies you will use to do the dipping next to the bowls. Ex: Place the chips and celery next to the Hiland French Onion Dip.
  3. Add the finger foods: put the wings, pigs in a blanket, meatballs in the open spaces.
  4. Add in the extras: Fill in the leftover space with extra snacks (chex mix/chocolate/cheese slices) or with extra chips/veggies.
  5. Don’t think too much about being right or wrong. It will look wonderful when everything is placed on the board. You can always move things around too!

How soon before the party can I set up the board?

I love to be prepared and do as much before a party before it even begins. With an appetizer board, you can set up a lot of it prior to party time. Place the items that don’t need to be cooked/warmed on the board and cover it with plastic wrap and pace in the fridge. Once the warm items are ready, add them to the board. A food board is a low maintenance way to serve guests.

What other kinds of boards are good to serve at parties?

You can make a food board for any kind of party or get together! Classic cheese board, breakfast board, movie night, after school snacks, candy, sandwich, smores, ice cream sundae. Pretty much anything can be made into and served on a board. It’s a really fun way to serve guests and change up the regular old food table.

Add this delicious Buffalo Chicken Dip to your board!

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