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April Fools Sushi Rolls

One of my favorite days of the year is April 1. Why? Because I love pulling off funny shenanigans and pranks on my family. This year, instead of balloons behind a door, or fake spilled nail polish, I’ve decided to whip up something clever in the kitchen … undercover sushi!

Undercover Sushi

Undercover Sushi


Undercover Sushi Ingredients


Cut the cucumber and carrot into matchsticks (about 3 ½ inches in length).

Undercover Sushi Step 1

Using a fine-grated colander, rinse the cottage cheese curds under cold water. Softly pat dry.

Undercover Sushi Step 2

Flatten each bread slice with a rolling pin. Cut the crusts off of the bread.

Undercover Sushi Step 3

Spread dip evenly across each slice.

Undercover Sushi Step 4

Add the cottage cheese curds in a thin layer. Leave about 1/3 inch of dip without cottage cheese at the top of each slice.

Undercover Sushi Step 5

Place one carrot and one cucumber matchstick together at the bottom of each slice.

Undercover Sushi Step 6

Roll up the bread, pressing gently to seal.

Undercover Sushi Step 7

Add another layer of dip at the end of your bread. Carefully press to seal the sushi roll.

Undercover Sushi Step 8

Gently cut each roll into equal slices. Serve with additional dip.

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Diva’s Tip

I used Hiland Dairy Jalapeno Fiesta Dip for my sushi rolls, but Hiland Dairy Veggie Ranch or French Onion dips would also will pair well with the cucumbers and carrots.

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