Adorable Penguin Craft for Kids – Hiland Dairy

Adorable Penguin Craft for Kids

A Fun Craft for a Snowy Day

You may not have the warmest thoughts when you think of penguins: the South Pole, freezing temps, snow and ice might come to mind. But when my kids and I transformed Hiland Dairy Yogurt containers into these cute little penguins, they stirred up lots of warm, fuzzy thoughts and big smiles.

Penguin Craft for Kids

Penguin Craft for Kids

What You’ll Need:

Penguin Craft Supplies

  • Empty Hiland Dairy Yogurt containers
  • Spray paint, black
  • Construction paper, white and orange
  • Googly eyes
  • Glue
  • Scissors


  • Rinse each yogurt container with warm, soapy water and remove the labels. Allow to dry completely.
  • In a well-ventilated area, spray-paint the outside of each container with at least two coats of paint. Allow to dry completely.

Penguin Craft Step 1

  • Cut out shapes from the orange construction paper to create one beak and two feet for each container, and shapes from the white construction paper to create one belly for each container.

Penguin Craft Step 2

  • Adhere one white belly, one orange beak, two orange feet and two googly eyes to each container with glue. Allow to dry completely. Tip: Fold a crease in each of the foot shapes to make it easier to adhere to the inside of each container.

Penguin Craft Step 3

  • That’s it. Instant cuteness!

Diva’s Tip

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