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Meal Planning With Hiland Email Series

Failing to plan ahead for meals can result in a last-minute decision to either stop for fast food or hit the grocery store on the way home to purchase ingredients for a single meal. While it’s always healthier to cook a meal from scratch, there’s still the issue of cost. Rather than buying ingredients in advance, when you have time to take into account what you already have on hand, shopping for a single meal can get expensive in a hurry.

But not to worry — Hiland Dairy is here to help. We not only provide pure, natural dairy products, produced locally and with no artificial growth hormones, but we also offer recipes and lifestyle tips designed to simplify your life and help make you and your family healthier.

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As your hometown dairy, Hiland has developed this email series to help you plan meals ahead of time, which will not only help you save money and eat healthier, but it will also add some excitement to your dinner routine.

Each week, you’ll receive information and advice about meal planning, as well as a delicious Hiland recipe and a money-saving coupon.

Here’s what we’ll cover in this email series:

  1. Make Sunday your weekly meal-prep day
  2. Delicious meals in 20 minutes or less
  3. Save time by freezing meals for later
  4. Budget-friendly meals your family will love

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