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Indulgent Email Series

We’ve teamed up with our favorite decadent recipe master, Lolo Home Kitchen, to bring you our most indulgent email series yet!

Comfort foods always hold the best memories. Family dinners, celebrations, movie nights with friends, holidays, the first snowfall, or just a lazy Sunday afternoon. Nothing can elevate a regular recipe to an over-the-top, delicious, indulgent recipe like dairy. Creamy pasta dishes with heavy cream, a sweet cream cheese drizzle, rich and creamy ice cream, buttery garlic toppings, or a chocolate ganache mousse. Dairy can create the ultimate feel-good foods to make any occasion feel special.

This Hiland Dairy email series is all about the indulgent, the comfort, the over-the-top delicious recipes that will make you and your family feel special. Hiland Dairy not only provides pure, natural dairy products, produced locally and with no artificial growth hormones, but we also offer recipes and lifestyle tips designed to elevate your day-to-day.

Over the next five weeks, we will share a new indulgent recipe with information and tips on how dairy can enhance your favorite dishes. Plus, find exclusive coupon savings on your favorite Hiland ingredients. You’ll be able to create all new comfort food memories for your family and friends with these delicious recipes.

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