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Hiland Dairy To Offer Fresh Lactose-Free Milk Produced At Kansas City Plant

A gallon of lactose free whole milk next to a gallon of lactose free 2% milk


The company will provide consumers with fresh, locally-made, lactose-free milk containing all the nutrients of conventional milk.

SPRINGFIELD, Missouri, March 27, 2024 – Hiland Dairy, a leader in the dairy community, is excited to announce the launch of its new lactose-free milk, freshly produced at the Kansas City processing plant. This innovative addition to Hiland’s product line is set to cater to the growing demand for lactose-free dairy options, offering a fresh alternative to the UHT (Ultra-High Temperature) processed options predominantly available in the market.

Understanding the needs of consumers with lactose intolerance, Hiland Dairy has developed a fresh lactose-free milk that retains the natural and wholesome taste of milk without discomfort. Available in both whole milk and 2% milk options, these lactose-free varieties come in convenient gallon cartons, ensuring that everyone can benefit from the 13 essential nutrients in milk.

Many lactose-free milk brands rely on UHT processing. Hiland’s lactose-free milk will be produced daily at the dairy processor’s Kansas City facility. This method guarantees the freshest taste and highest quality, upholding Hiland Dairy’s commitment to delivering superior dairy products to its consumers.

“The launch of our lactose-free milk is a direct response to the evolving dietary needs and health trends of today’s consumers,” said Sarah Carey, marketing manager at Hiland Dairy. “We recognize the growing market for specialized dietary products. With this new offering, we’re excited to provide a fresh, delicious option for those who cannot drink milk due to lactose intolerance without compromising the taste and quality Hiland Dairy is known for.”

The introduction of lactose-free milk reflects a broader trend towards dairy alternatives and specialized dietary products, catering to a dynamic segment influenced by health trends, demographic changes, and evolving dietary habits.

Starting mid-March, the Kansas City plant will begin producing and distributing this lactose-free milk, making it available to consumers seeking a fresh, high-quality alternative to traditional milk. Shoppers can find these new offerings in-store with conventional milk or other UHT lactose-free milk. To access exclusive coupons, customers are encouraged to visit hilanddairy.com.

Hiland Dairy remains committed to innovation and quality, continuously seeking to meet its customers’ diverse needs. This new product launch reinforces its position as a forward-thinking, customer-focused company in the dairy community.

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