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Hiland Dairy Introduces New Packaging for Its Cultured Products

Hiland Dairy new packaging designs for cultured products


Hiland’s sour cream, cottage cheese, and dip packages have been revamped with a new design!

SPRINGFIELD, Missouri, January 25, 2024 – Hiland Dairy recently unveiled new packaging for its locally made, naturally delicious cultured products, including cottage cheese, sour cream, and dips. The redesigned packages feature colorful, high-quality graphics showcasing the Hiland Dairy products you know and love. The farmer-owned ribbon sits atop the Hiland logo, set against the backdrop of the rolling green hills of a dairy farm. The new packaging launched in December, and consumers can look forward to seeing it on store shelves soon.

Hiland’s new cultured line packaging uses In-Mold Label (IML) technology from Winpak – a leading manufacturer of packaging materials and machines. This new technology allows printing more photographic-quality images and exciting graphics to differentiate from other brands and product offerings. In the past, most packaging was limited to more basic designs.

“Consumers want products in packages that look as good on the outside as they taste on the inside,” remarked Hiland’s marketing manager, Sarah Carey. “This new printing technology allows Hiland Dairy to represent our brand in a more modern, beautiful way.”

The In-Mold Label technology, or IML, also cuts waste, reduces labor costs, and promotes recycling. IML technology aligns with Hiland’s commitment to a circular economy where packaging material is recycled or reused. The barrier packaging also includes UV light and oxygen barrier to ensure maximum freshness and extended shelf life.

“We are excited about our new packages and believe they represent our farmer-owned brand well,” said Carey. “Our commitment to sustainability extends to our packaging with this innovation from Winpak that can reduce waste and promote recycling.”

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About Hiland Dairy Foods

A leading farmer-owned dairy foods company, Hiland Dairy is headquartered in Springfield, Missouri. Their widely loved products include milk, dips, cottage cheese, flavored milk, sour cream, yogurt, ice cream, butter, cheese, and eggnog. In addition, Hiland Dairy has expanded beyond dairy and produces and distributes various other beverages, such as Red Diamond Tea, lemonade, and fresh juices. Hiland employs 4,000 throughout Arkansas, Iowa, Kansas, Louisiana, Missouri, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Tennessee, and Texas. Hiland's milk comes from our farmers-owners just miles from their processing plants, where our milk goes from the farm to the shelves within 48 hours. Learn more at https://www.hilanddairy.com/company/media-center/

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