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Lactose Free

Craving the creamy goodness of sour cream and cottage cheese but worried about lactose? Hiland Dairy has got you covered! Our lactose free sour cream and cottage cheese are here to save the day, delivering the same rich taste and smooth texture you love without the lactose.

Why Choose Hiland Dairy Lactose Free?

  • Creamy & Delicious: Enjoy the classic taste and velvety texture of Hiland Dairy, now lactose-free!
  • Gut-Friendly: Perfect for those with lactose intolerance, making mealtime worry-free.
  • Versatile: Perfect for dips, baked potatoes, smoothies, salads, and so much more.
Cottage Cheese Breakfast Casserole
Whipped Cottage Cheese Caprese Dip
Lemony Cottage Cheese Danish

Lactose Free Sour Cream

Our lactose free sour cream is perfect for all your culinary creations. From topping tacos to making creamy dips, it adds that extra zing without the lactose.

Lactose Free Cottage Cheese

Packed with protein and rich in flavor, our lactose free cottage cheese is great for a healthy snack, a protein-packed breakfast, or a delicious addition to your favorite recipes.

Experience the Hiland Dairy Difference

At Hiland Dairy, we believe in providing the best for our customers. Our lactose free options ensure that everyone can enjoy the creamy, delightful taste of our dairy products without compromise.

Head to your nearest store and pick up Hiland Dairy’s Lactose Free Sour Cream and Cottage Cheese. It’s time to enjoy dairy again!

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