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Hiland Dairy: Wichita, Kansas

This Plant Primarily Serves Most of Kansas

The Hiland Wichita plant is on Central Avenue in Old Town and has a long history in the area. In 1882, Nicholas Steffen established his dairy and ice cream business and became the first person to ship ice cream commercially. In addition, Steffen created cartons with wire handles for customers to take their ice cream home. Steffen built the milk processing plant in 1931, where Hiland produces fresh milk, yogurt, cottage cheese, and other dairy products. The building is a 1930s industrial art-deco architecture building. Hiland purchased Steffen Dairy in 1991, but because the family-owned Steffen brand was so famous, the name was on the label with the Hiland in 1993 and completely removed in 1994.

Hiland Wichita produces between 1,350,000 and 1,500,000 gallons of milk every month for distribution in various sizes such as dispenser bags, gallons, half gallons, and half-pints. From that volume, 770,000 gallons of milk are produced each month.

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Distribution Locations

Dodge City
Great Bend

Supporting Our Community

Hiland is active in our community and supports our colleges and universities and several sports teams and sporting events. Wichita State University, Kansas State University, Butler County Community College, the Korn Ferry Golf Tournament, the Wichita Wind Surge, and the Wichita Thunder.

In partnership with the Wagon Masters, Hiland has sponsored the Ice Cream Social at the Wichita River Festival since 1973. That makes it the longest-running event in Riverfest history. Hiland typically scoops out between 550 and 600 gallons of ice cream for the event every year.

Our Commitment to Social Responsibility

We have a complete recycling program for cardboard, plastic, batteries, and pallets to reduce our carbon footprint. All recycling is tracked and recorded to be as eco-friendly as possible. We also capture whey water to give to farmers instead of creating more waste. Farmers take this whey to enrich their animal feed and supplement fertilizer.

    What Makes Us Proud

    Following Hiland Dairy’s Mission Statement, “Being better than we have to be, Always doing what is right while providing a reasonable return to our owners.”

    We are involved in our community, sponsoring numerous charity functions annually. We are members of the Made in Oklahoma Coalition (MIO) and the Made in Oklahoma Program. We provide chocolate milk at the OKC Marathon and the RedMan Triathlon finish line. In addition, we make donations to the Food Bank of Oklahoma, our public-school teachers’ class projects, and various nonprofit organizations.


    Quality Chekd, Merit Award for Cultured Products

    Quality Chekd Plant Assessment Award

    Quality Chekd Merit Award for Cultured Products

    Quality Chekd Plant Assessment Award

    QCS Purchasing Nog-Ogg Contest Winner for Regular Eggnog

    World Dairy Expo Dairy Product Award Winner for Yogurt and Cottage Cheese

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