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Hiland Dairy: Dallas, Texas

Welcome to Hiland Dairy’s Dallas facility, which became a proud member of the Hiland family in 2022. This dairy processing plant prides itself on its rich history, dating back to 1890, and on its deep-seated relationship with the local community—a legacy Hiland is honored to continue.

Though it has been with Hiland Dairy for just two years, previously operating under Borden, the Dallas facility carries with it a heritage of community engagement and exceptional dairy craftsmanship. Our nearly 400 employees are more than just a workforce; they are neighbors, friends, and active citizens, contributing to the fabric of local life through various initiatives and personal involvement.

Producing an impressive 3.8 million gallons of milk each month, our Dallas plant meets the burgeoning needs of the Dallas-Fort Worth area—one of the nation’s most rapidly expanding regions. Our commitment to growth and efficiency does not overshadow our dedication to community enrichment, as we strive to uphold the high standards and community spirit that Hiland Dairy and the historic plant are known for.

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Distribution Locations

Fort Worth
San Marcos
San Antonio

Supporting Our Community

At Hiland Dairy Dallas, we believe in giving back to the community that has embraced us. We are proud supporters of the Dallas Police Department, North Texas Food Bank, and Tarrant County Food Bank. These partnerships reflect our commitment to strengthening and supporting the communities we serve. We’re not just producing dairy products; we’re nurturing a legacy of quality, community, and growth.

A Focus on Growth and Innovation

Our Dallas location stands at the forefront of innovation and market penetration within the DFW area. The recent completion of a large transition, including significant plant improvements and changes, positions us for continued growth and success in one of the country’s most dynamic markets. We take pride in our ability to adapt and thrive amidst the challenges of expansion and change.

What Makes Us Proud

What makes us most proud is our plant’s role in a rapidly growing market. With an average of 278 people moving into the DFW area daily from other states, we are excited about the opportunity to serve an ever-expanding community. Our focus on DFW-specific market penetration and the overall growth of the Hiland brand underscores our commitment to excellence and innovation in dairy production.


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