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This Monster Candy Bucket Is Perfect for Halloween!

Gobble Up the Goodies!

It’s time to scare up some fun! Start with this multipurpose milk jug Halloween candy bucket. It holds treats for all your little ghouls and goblins, and it lights the way for every candy-seeking step. All you need are a few crafting supplies and some glow sticks.

Monster Candy Bucket

Monster Candy Bucket

What You’ll Need:

Monster Candy Bucket Supplies

  • Empty Hiland Dairy Milk jug, gallon-sized
  • Spray paint, any color
  • Red acrylic paint
  • Paintbrush
  • Scissors or craft knife
  • Paint marker, any color
  • Large googly eyes
  • Foam sticker eyes
  • Glow sticks
  • Glue gun
  • Glue sticks


  • Rinse the milk jug with warm, soapy water. Allow to dry completely.
  • Spray-paint the entire jug, including the lid. Allow to dry completely.

Monster Candy Bucket Step 1

  • Cut out a large opening in the front of the jug, opposite the handle, to make the mouth.

Monster Candy Bucket Step 2

  • Use hot glue to attach the googly eyes to the milk jug lid.
  • Paint a thin red band around the opening to create lips.
  • Using a paint marker, write the words “Feed Me” under the mouth.

Monster Candy Bucket Step 3

  • Peel off the backs of the foam eyes and stick them onto the jug.

Monster Candy Bucket Step 4

  • When it’s time to hit the pavement for some sweet treats, light up four glow sticks and hot-glue them horizontally to the bottom of your hungry monster bucket.

Monster Candy Bucket Step 5

Diva’s Tip

Make sure the edges of the mouth hole are smooth so your little ghouls and goblins don’t get scratched when grabbing their treats!

The Dairy Diva

~The Dairy Diva

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