It’s National Fresh Celery Month – Hiland Dairy

It’s National Fresh Celery Month

We wish we were kidding. Is there a National Fresh Celery Board with a PR team burning the midnight oil trying to figure out new and inventive ways to sell their crunchy, stringy vegetable?

Well, we’ll play along. But ONLY because we can bring our deliciously creamy Hiland Dairy Dips to the party. There’s Chipotle or Jalapeño Fiesta Dip, Veggie or Southwest Ranch Dip and the all-time, undisputed king of the celery enhancer, French Onion.

Actually, if you think of celery as sort of an all-natural edible spoon, it begins to make a lot more sense. In that case, we say crunch away! And make sure to stock up on those tangy, tasty Hiland Dairy Dips!

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