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Introducing Chef Alli: Let’s Get Cookin’!

Hiland Dairy is excited to announce to our fans that we’re partnering with Team Milk to bring you delicious recipes and cooking expertise from Chef Alli! The self-proclaimed Kitchen Crusader is a fancy farm wife, mom, speaker, and creator of Chef Alli’s Farm Fresh Kitchen. She’s been stirring up a love of farm-fresh cooking across the Midwest for more than a decade.


Chef Alli’s journey as a Kitchen Crusader began as a personal chef. She saw firsthand how busy families struggled to have time to prepare home-cooked meals, and then enjoy them together. As a young mother of three sons, she had a lot of the same struggles. Often, the problem wasn’t a lack of desire to cook and prepare nutritious meals, but a lack of food knowledge and cooking education.


“I wanted to help more families and get more people cooking. I love to organize and deliver cooking campaigns that help families conquer dinner time. I long to share the wisdom of my experiences, cooking advice, and insider tips that will guide you to prepare delicious meals for you and your family regularly. I want you to know that it’s not nearly as hard as it seems and that you can conquer your kitchen and be victorious.”

Hiland Dairy’s culture aligns perfectly with Chef Alli’s dedication to fresh ingredients and healthy cooking. Learn more about Chef Alli here.

Welcome to the Hiland family, Chef Alli!

“There’s joy in cookin’. There’s joy in eatin’. There’s joy in sharin’.”


– Chef Alli

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