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Healthy Yogurt Pops

Celebrate National Bomb Pop Day

I remember two distinct things about summertime when I was a kid: hot Iowa temperatures and gobbling up Bomb Pops®. They were so delicious and the perfect remedy to cool down on those hot summer days. So, in honor of my childhood memory, I’ve created my own version of this summertime staple by using Hiland Dairy Yogurt to wrap up National Dairy Month!

Healthy Yogurt Pops

Healthy Yogurt Bomb Pops Recipe

Makes 3 servings.


Healthy Yogurt Bomb Pops Ingredients


Empty the blueberry yogurt into a bowl. Set aside.

Empty the strawberry yogurt into a separate bowl. Set aside.

Add a few drops of blue food coloring to the blueberry yogurt and a few drops of red food coloring to the strawberry yogurt. Mix each flavor until well blended.

Tip: This is an optional step. I added the food coloring to enhance the colors.

Healthy Yogurt Bomb Pops Step 1

Wash three of the empty yogurt containers with warm, soapy water. Allow to dry completely.

Layer each flavored yogurt in each container starting with strawberry on the bottom, vanilla in the middle and blueberry on top.

Tip: Be sure not to splatter on the sides.

Healthy Yogurt Bomb Pops Step 2

Cut out three plastic wrap squares large enough to fit over each yogurt container.

Cut a small slit in the center of each square.

Smooth plastic wrap tightly over each container and slowly push a craft stick through each slit.

Healthy Yogurt Bomb Pops Step 3

Freeze until yogurt is completely frozen, about 6 hours.

Remove frozen yogurt from container before serving.

Print this recipe.

Diva’s Tip

Add small chunks of blueberries and strawberries in the respective yogurt flavors to add more texture and flavor.

The Dairy Diva

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