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Easy Milk Jug Pantry Storage

Get a Picture-Perfect Pantry

Need a little help with your pantry storage? Here’s an easy solution: Repurpose Hiland Dairy Milk jugs by turning them into these super easy – and versatile – storage containers. Your pantry items will be protected and organized in no time!

Milk Jug Pantry Storage

Milk Jug Pantry Storage

What You’ll Need:

Milk Jug Pantry Storage Supplies

  • Empty Hiland Dairy Milk jugs, various sizes (quart-sized jugs worked best for my pantry)
  • Adhesive chalkboard labels
  • Chalkboard markers


  • Rinse each jug and remove label with warm, soapy water. Allow to dry completely.
  • Adhere a chalkboard label to the flat side of each jug opposite the handle.

Milk Jug Pantry Storage Step 1

  • Using a chalkboard marker, write the type of dry pantry food that will be stored in each container. Let dry completely.

Milk Jug Pantry Storage Step 2

  • Fill each jug with the corresponding dry pantry food and place neatly in your pantry.

Diva’s Tip

It’s easy to save up Hiland Dairy Milk jugs this month because it’s National Dairy Month. Be sure you and your family are drinking Hiland Dairy Milk every day!

The Dairy Diva

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