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Dairy Diva’s Tips to De-Stress Your Holidays

On top of Thanksgiving being right around the corner, it’s football season and things tend to get very busy in the kitchen. Keep these tricks up your sleeve when your home fills up with familiar faces, and sometimes those unexpected guests.

Diva’s Tips:

  • The next time you make a run to the grocery store, pick up assorted nuts, various cheeses, crackers and some olives. These items are easy to serve up in a jiffy.
  • Making freezable appetizers is a must! They’re more filling than cheese and crackers and are quick to warm up. So when your husband’s friends pop over to watch the game, simply pop them in the oven for those hungry fellows.
  • Be sure to have your kitchen stocked with standard cooking staples like flour, sugar, cheese, eggs, milk, sour cream, butter, vegetables and fruits. There’s nothing more frustrating than missing an ingredient when you’re in the middle of baking a dish!
  • Peruse your local papers or your favorite websites for coupons and specials. Hiland Dairy has some great online coupons right now for essential baking ingredients like butter and sour cream. Why not save money! Right?

The Dairy Diva

~The Dairy Diva

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