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Preserving Our Communities for Future Generations

Read more about our local sustainability initiatives at our Chandler, Oklahoma plant, our Fort Smith, Arkansas plant and our overall company report (link to the case studies and report at the bottom of page) We are members of the communities we serve and are dedicated to caring for the land and putting in place programs to improve sustainability. Each of our plants are actively seeking opportunities to implement more programs to recycle, reuse and reduce.

Fort Smith Energy Saving Project

Faced with mounting energy costs and environmental concerns, the Hiland Dairy management team in Fort Smith, Arkansas, committed to finding new ways to improve efficiency and save energy.

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Chandler Wastewater Recycling Program

Hiland's Chandler plant is unique: It has a wastewater recycling facility on site, as well as 620 acres of land surrounding the plant facility. Hiland has used these two resources to maintain a longstanding closed-loop sustainability program.

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Winning Paths to Environmental Savings: Hiland Dairy in Norman, Oklahoma Organizes Energy Team to Identify Savings Opportunities

After implementing a continuous energy improvement project, Hiland Dairy's Norman, Okla., plant achieved an energy savings of nearly 1.1 million kWh or 12.2%. The energy saved is equal to the removal of 769 metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions or 1,134 single-family homes' energy usage for a year.

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Chandler Tea Bag Recycling Program

Seeking to reduce landfill waste produced by tea bags used to make Red Diamond Tea at Hiland's Chandler plant, Hiland invested $30,000 in equipment to recycle used tea bags as fertilizer that revitalizes the soil surrounding the plant. So far, the program has shown excellent results.

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Norman Energy Efficiency Program

With sustainability and energy savings in mind, the Hiland Dairy management team in Norman worked with CEI to identify ways to improve efficiency.


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