Going Above and Beyond for Our Customers

Hiland Dairy is committed to the industry we serve through involvement in industry organizations and regional and local dairy associations. We’re also a member of the Dairy Farmers of America, a cooperative of 14,000 dairy producers in 48 states whose values of integrity, accountability, community, innovation, quality and passion are evident in every drop of milk they produce. Please visit our Partners page for more information.

Farmer-Owned Assures Commitment to Quality and Sustainability

Hiland Dairy is farmer-owned, which means Hiland is owned by the same farmers who provide our milk. This ensures that we control the quality and consistency of Hiland Dairy Milk from the farm to your table. It's how we know our milk is fresh and pure, produced with no artificial growth hormones, and tested for antibiotics.

Because Hiland is farmer-owned, you can also be assured that our milk and dairy products are produced responsibly and sustainably. From water and energy conservation to recycling and animal care, Hiland’s farmer-owners are committed to minimizing waste and environmental impact. Visit our Sustainability section to learn more about how Hiland and our farmer-owners are succeeding in sustainability efforts.