Community Support

We're proud to be part of the communities we serve. That's because we're not just one small part of some giant corporation headquartered in a big-city skyscraper. We're your neighbors. We're your friends. We send our kids to the same schools and run into each other at the same stores. And we're proud to give back to the communities that have supported us for so long. Whenever we get the chance, we like to participate in a variety of community activities. We figure that what's good for the community is good for us. After all, we live here too. Examples of this include:

  • School milk donations
  • Chocolate milk donations for triathlon, marathon and other athletic events
  • Milk drives at farmers markets
  • Sponsorships of local and regional sports teams
  • Sponsorships of music and arts events
  • Support of other organizations like Boys & Girls Club, etc.

Hiland for PINK

We engage in community programs such as Hiland for PINK, where we raise money and awareness for the Breast Cancer Foundation of the Ozarks. In addition to promoting awareness through online and radio advertising, Hiland Dairy donates money from the sales of certain products and for every new Facebook fan it receives during the event's duration.

Wichita Whey Recovery & Wastewater Recycling Project

We try to minimize our environmental impact on the communities that support us. One example of this is the Wichita Whey Recovery & Wastewater Recycling Project.

Turning milk into cottage cheese produces a lot of whey wastewater. Because of its acidic nature, this liquid byproduct cannot simply be dumped into the environment. So in 2011, we partnered with the Broken Bar M Ranch in Howard, Kansas, which would use the whey waste as a naturally protein-rich supplement for the calves they raise to maturity and sell to dairy farms as milking cows.

Today, wastewater volume has been reduced by a staggering 95 percent. The burden on the municipal treatment facilities has been reduced by 70 percent. And the ranch has a steady source of protein-rich whey to help its calves grow into strong, healthy dairy cows.

It starts with a simple step and before you know it, all of your efforts to reduce waste and environmental impact really add up.