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Delicious Hiland Dairy Milk in our cozy flavors will warm your family's hearts. Hiland Bistro Cookie Milk is a new addition to the Hiland flavored milk family and has a sweet cookie taste with a touch of cinnamon, clove and cardamom for a spicy twist. Hiland Pumpkin Spice Milk has that warm, delightful flavor that everyone craves this time of year. Hiland Fudge Brownie Milk has the rich, sumptuous taste of fresh-from-the-oven fudge brownies. And Hiland Chocolate Mint Milk adds a refreshing hint of mint to our classic chocolate milk for a tasty treat anytime.

These highly desirable seasonal milks won't last long in your grocer's dairy case, so head to the store and stock up now before it's too late.