Summer Chillin' with Hiland Ice Cream

When the mercury’s rising and the sun’s high in the sky, there’s nothing like a rich, delicious mouthful of real, honest-to-goodness ice cream. Hiland Dairy Ice Cream is made locally from milk that’s tested for antibiotics and contains NO artificial growth hormones. So the only thing you’re left with is pure, creamy heaven in a cone. Is it any wonder it’s America’s favorite summertime treat?

Our Flavor Family Is Growing

Here at Hiland Dairy, we love to come up with new flavors to delight our ice cream-loving fans. This summer we’ve gone overboard with six brand-new flavors that’ll just knock your taste buds off their feet! Wait… do taste buds have feet?

Red Velvet Cake

You've got to try it to believe it. Sinfully delicious red velvet cake pieces suspended in a frozen sea of red velvet ice cream with ribbons of tangy cream cheese.

French Silk

Rich, decadent and full of delicate chocolate flakes, this is a chocolate lover’s dream. You should probably pick up a second container, just in case.

Sea Salt Caramel Espresso

What a combination! Coffee ice cream with chocolate espresso flakes and ribbons of gooey caramel.

Homemade Vanilla

Sometimes it's the simple pleasures that are the best. This creamy delight has that fresh-from-the-churn flavor you remember.

Caramel Coffee

Two great flavors masterfully blended into one delicious ice cream. It’s like having a caramel macchiato right in your bowl.

Mint Chip

This classic ice cream flavor is sure to please just about everyone. Crisp, bright mint ice cream punctuated by crunchy semi-sweet chocolate chips. It’s the perfect way to beat the heat!

These six new flavors join the extensive Hiland Ice Cream family. To check out the whole range of mouthwatering options, click here.

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